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Support Staff

Campus Supervisors

Foulks Ranch campus supervisors are there for students in the following roles:
  • support and monitor students on campus
  • help students learn and follow the Falcon 5
  • assist in resolving minor student conflicts on the playground
  • communicate unauthorized activities and unauthorized visitors to appropriate personnel assure students arrive to class in a timely manner

Miriam Bell
Mike Hillstrom

Computer Resource

Custodial Staff

Gricelda Pacheco
Custodial Lead
Rui Freitas
Night Custodian
Tara Jamerson
Night Custodian

Food and Nutrition

Alejandra Cruz
Lead FNS

Learning Center

Olivia Moreno Hansen
Inclusive Education Specialist

Cindy Sasaki
Inclusive Education Specialist
Allison Henrikson
Education Specialist
Ellen Maseba
English Learner Instructor
Jana Tejeda
WIN Teacher
Courtney Kilby
AIT- Reading

Rayna Zurkic
Education Specialist

Library Services

cartoon owl
Mayra Shannon
School Librarian


Paraeducators work in an assistant role in collaboration with, or under the supervision of, assigned teachers. Paraeducators can support individual students, small groups, or whole classrooms depending on their role.
Keila Anderson
Renee Armstrong
Shannon Bungato
Nancy Doe LC
Angela Gregoire ILS
Jasmine Howard
Diana Lamonto
Shari Maduras
Tyus Mendoza
Tashonda Mitchell
Rochell Murray
Tamara Nestal
Veronica Orozco
Madison Seegmiller
Valery Tarver
Robert Thatcher
Laurie Winter

PE/Subject Matter

Keith Popham
Cross Track

Peter Schroeder
Cross Track

Speech and Language

Lynn Hendrickson

Lisa Lennox

Katie Orozco